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1/100 GUNDAM DYNAMES MG 1/100 ガンダムデュナメス


¥3,611 ¥4,500

510 g

This second entry in Bandai's 1/100-scale, non-grade "Gundam 00" plastic kit series is the sharpshooter Gundam Dynames, as piloted by Lockon Stratos in the show. Sharply molded in color parts, Gundam Dynames will be fully poseable after completion with its polycap joints allowing for a wide range of dynamic poses. Features include foldable shoulder antennas, the antenna on its head that can slide down for gun camera mode, flexible GN shield, and a removable GN full shield attachment that can fold out to guard the Mobile Suit's front. Gundam Dynames is well armed with weaponry including a GN sniper rifle, twin GN beam pistols that can be stored in its holsters, and two GN beam sabers. Not a drop of glue or paint required (although painting will improve the finished results)! A sheet of foil stickers is included for detail along with a joint part for use with Bandai's Action Base 1 to set Gundam Dynames in mid-air poses. 


『機動戦士ガンダム00』よりガンダムデュナメスがついに完全新規造形でMGに登場! ■GNスナイパーライフルのスタンドを展開し、本体を地面に伏せた「狙撃」の構えも再現可能。 ■スナイプポーズの動きに対応した頭部ギミック、脚部関節構造により緊張感が漂うポージングを再現できる。 ■GNフル・シールドの展開を再現。 ■腰部・膝部のミサイル・信号弾のハッチ開閉やGNスラスターの展開ギミックなどMGならではのギミックを搭載 【付属品】 ■GNスナイパーライフル×1 ■GNビームピストル&ホルスター×2 ■GNビームサーベル×2 ■GNシールド×2 ■GNフルシールド×2 【商品内容】 ■成形品×17 ■ホイルシール×1 ■マーキングシール×1 ■PPシート×1 ■取扱説明書×1