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RE/100 1/100 EFREET SCHNEID RE/100 1/100 イフリート・シュナイド



Finally making an appearance! Efreet Schneid, equpped with 14 heat darts, in 3D form!! -----      From “MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UC”, Efreet Schneid, equpped with 14 heat darts, has been made into a product for the RE/100 series. With characteristic aramanents added, thoroughly replicate the MS body configuration! Giant Buzz is attached too!   ● Replicate characteristic armaments!      It is possible to stage the 14 impressionable heat darts through the new molding applied onto the sword, and maunt them onto each piece of armor.     Large-scale Giant Buzz also included.       ■■Heat Darts Realistically replicate the form of the short sword "heat darts", which can be used as throwing weapons.     With this kit, it is even possible to equip each of the four darts for carrying onto the left and right shoulder armor, four darts onto the left arm, and two darts onto the back portion.Each of the heat darts can be dismantled.     *Of this product's 14 heat darts, 12 darts are for mounting, and two are for carrying for auxiliary use.     *The posted pictures are painted.        ■■ Giant Buzz     Comes with the 180mm long large-scale weapon Giant Buzz, a weapon that supports long range attacks. Can be combined with special handheld parts.    ● Thoroughly replicate the form of the MS!     Replicate the new design and inner armor details, with added shape changes of the backpack, arm armor, chest armor, and rear head armor that differs from Efreet-Kai.    Weapons : Heat Darts / Giant Buzz   ----------------------------------------- 1/100 scale assembly plastic model For ages 15 and up. Primary materials: :PS・PE ・No adhesives required for assembly ----------------------------------------- *The product shown is painted.and is a prototype in development.The actual product may differ slightly. (Notes) ・This product can not be found in shops that sell model kits. ・This product may be on sale in events or other projects held by our company. ・There are only a limited number of this product available for sale on 'PREMIUM BANDAI'.We ask for your understanding in the event that the product is sold out. ・Please note that for this product, due to circumstances related to the number of produced units ready, we are limiting the quantity available for purchase per person. ・For this product, the shipping date is subject to change in some cases depending on application status and production circumstances,. Thank you for your understanding. ・Product images are of a product in development, and they may differ from the actual product. ・The product specifications are current as of june 2016. We ask for your understanding as they may be subject to change. 

『機動戦士ガンダムUC』より、14本のヒート・ダートを携えたイフリート・シュナイドをRE/100シリーズで商品化。 特徴的な武装に加え、MS本体形状も徹底再現! ジャイアント・バズも付属!   ● 特徴的な武装を再現!     印象的な14本のヒート・ダートは、刃にモールドを施した新規造形で再現し、各アーマーへのマウントが可能。     大型のジャイアント・バズも付属。       ■■ ヒート・ダート     投擲武器としても使用可能な短剣‘ヒート・ダート’の形状をリアルに再現。     キットでも、肩アーマーに左右それぞれ4本ずつ、左腕に4本、背面腰部に2本、携行装備可能。     それぞれのヒート・ダートは、とりはずしが可能。       ※当商品の14本のヒート・ダートは、12本がマウント用、2本がマウント兼手持ち用です。     ※掲載写真は塗装してあります。        ■■ ジャイアント・バズ     遠距離戦に対応する武器として、全長約180mm大型武器 ジャイアント・バズが付属。専用の持ち手パーツも同梱。    ● MS本体形状、徹底再現!     イフリート改と異なる、後頭部アーマー、胸部アーマー、腕部アーマー、バックパックの形状変更に加え、     肩アーマー内部のディテールも新規デザインで再現。    付属武装 : ヒート・ダート / ジャイアント・バズ      ----------------------------------------- 1/100スケール組み立て式プラモデル 対象年齢:15才以上 製品素材:PS・PE ・組み立てに接着剤は使用しません -----------------------------------------